Saturday, 5 May 2012

From Edinburgh

I finally reached the Scott Monument on Princes Street yesterday afternoon, at the conclusion of my 600 mile walk. I should like to thank everyone who donated to the cause, and those who bothered to read these rambling (in both senses of the word) scribbles from along the way.

I greatly appreciate your encouragement and support over the past seven weeks: thank you so much.


  1. Well done Robbie. I'm sure your toe is relieved...!

  2. Fantastic! Congratulations, Rob. We've been following your blog from Ottawa, Canada. I vividly remember performing for the Kaibigan kids at Christmas time for a few years with the Asia Minors in the 80s with Alain P. What wonderful things you have all achieved. Jeanette Rive

  3. Well done, Rob. Wonderful achievement. John Cole

  4. Dear Rob,

    What an exhilarating experience this must have been. It's been fun tracking your progress. Do give a shout when you're back in SE Asia - we must catch up. Warm greetings, Bart