Sunday, 29 January 2012

A warm word of thanks

When we were in Los Angeles over Christmas, one of Eloy's nephews presented us with some money inside a hand-written letter. It read in part:
"My brother and I have been recycling/selling bottles with the help of our mom. One, to help the environment to conserve our natural resources, conserve energy, and reduce water and air pollution. Two, at the same time, to get money out of it (smiley added). But after you showed me your website about the street children, I felt sorry for them; I want to help them, by giving them $100 from our earnings. For the whole year, we earned $164! And on behalf of our siblings, and our parents too, we are honored to donate $100 to the street children. It's not much, but we hope it will help them out. May God bless you both.
Love and prayers,
Jason, Brian, Emily & Natily".
To you all -- and to others who have donated privately -- thank you so very, very much.
(PS. Jason, Brian, Emily and Natily are aged 15, 11, 6 and 4, respectively).

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ten weeks to go

This is my first (ever) blog, written early in January 2012, about ten weeks before I am scheduled to set off on my walk from the Mile End Road. Many, many thanks to everyone who has donated so far; your generosity and encouragement are much appreciated. More later -- a bit closer to departure time.